PAA Lane County’s “WALK-A-FUND” Program

Program Name:”WALK-A-FUND for a Cause”

To unite the Philippine-American Association (PAA) members of Lane County in a weekly group walk while raising funds for the PAA Disaster Relief Fund.

Program Overview:
“WALK-A-FUND for a Cause” is a weekly walking event where PAA members and their families gather for exercise, community bonding, and charity. Participants donate $5-10 each week, with all proceeds going towards the PAA’s efforts in providing disaster relief.

Event Details:

Frequency: Weekly
Day & Time: [Choose a consistent day and time, e.g., Saturday mornings]
Location: Rotating locations across Lane County to explore different areas and accommodate various members
Duration: Approximately 1-2 hours
Donation Details:

Amount: Suggested donation of $5-10 per walk
Method: Cash collected at the beginning of each walk or digital payments via a designated platform
Transparency: Regular updates on funds raised and their usage

Open to all PAA members and their families
Encourage participants to bring friends to increase community involvement
No pre-registration is required, making it easy for everyone to join

Health & Safety:

Remind participants to bring water and wear appropriate footwear
Plan routes that are safe and accessible for all fitness levels
Have a first aid kit available and identify a person in charge of safety each walk

Utilize PAA’s social media, website, and newsletters for event promotion
Encourage members to share the event within their personal networks
Create a hashtag for social media sharing, e.g., #PAAWalkAFund
Community Engagement:

Each week, feature a different story or information about how the PAA Disaster Relief Fund has helped individuals or communities
Invite guest speakers or local businesses to sponsor or participate in the walks
Long-Term Goals:

Create a sense of community and regular engagement among PAA members
Raise consistent funds for the PAA Disaster Relief Fund
Promote healthy living and wellness within the community
“WALK-A-FUND for a Cause” is more than just a fundraising event; it’s an opportunity to build a stronger, healthier, and more connected Filipino-American community in Lane County, all while contributing to a noble cause.