Awards & Recognitions

PAA Lane County Business Excellence Awards

“Business Excellence Awards: Celebrating Filipino Entrepreneurial Spirit in Lane County”

To recognize and honor outstanding Filipino-American business owners in Lane County for their significant contributions to the job market and the local economy.


  • Innovation in Business: Recognizing businesses that have introduced unique products, services, or business models.
  • Community Impact Award: For businesses that have made substantial contributions to local communities.
  • Growth and Development Award: Honoring businesses that have shown significant growth and are contributing to job creation.
  • Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility: Awarding businesses that practice and promote sustainability.


  • Contribution to the local economy
  • Employment opportunities created
  • Community involvement and impact
  • Innovation and sustainability
  • Business growth and financial performance

Nomination Process:

  • Open to all Filipino-American-owned businesses in Lane County.
  • Nominations can be submitted online through the PAA Lane County website.
  • Self-nominations and third-party nominations are welcome.

Selection Process:

  • A panel of judges, including local business leaders, PAA board members, and community representatives.
  • Evaluation based on the provided criteria.

Awards Ceremony:

  • An annual gala event to celebrate the winners.
  • Opportunity for networking and showcasing the businesses.
  • Local media coverage to highlight the contributions of Filipino-American businesses.


  • Promote the awards through PAA’s website, social media channels, and community newsletters.
  • Engage local media for wider coverage and recognition.


Seek sponsorship from local businesses and organizations to support the event.

This program not only celebrates the achievements of Filipino-American business owners but also inspires others in the community. It’s a powerful way to highlight the economic and social contributions of the Filipino community in Lane County.