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About Us

The origin of the PAA

A quarter of a century ago, in 1987, a Filipino U of O student phoned to ask for help from the FilAm community. He wished to establish a Filipino night at the University of Oregon. There was not the number of students needed to establish a group by themselves, so Angie Collas-Dean quickly phoned Filipinos in the community that she thought might be interested in helping.

They met with the students in a local restaurant and made their decision that same night to support them. This was the meeting that formed the Philippine American Association as we know it today.

Purpose of the PAA

The PAA was established to enhance the dignity of the Filipino community in the eyes of the general public. It strives to make the Filipino population a visible asset to the community, thereby easing racial prejudice against Filipino adults, children and their culture.


What are some of the things the PAA have accomplished since its inception?